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SUMAC – The Deal

Debut SUMAC album “The Deal” out Feb 3, 2015.  Cover design by Aaron Turner with art by Faith Coloccia.

12" Glued Sleeve

A.M.S.G. – The Forbidden Transformation


FULL OF HELL – “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” Now Available

The new FULL OF HELL album “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” 2xCD is now available to order directly from our website and ready to ship as per our usual shipping schedule.  All pre-orders placed previous for this devastating opus have now been shipped out (consider this your shipping confirmation) in the hopes orders will arrive to their respective destinations asap.  The bonus “Sister Fawn” disc is exclusive to the CD version only.

OLD MAN GLOOM – “The Ape Of God” Now Available To Order

The new OLD MAN GLOOM albums “The Ape Of God” are now available to order in their CD formats (vinyl via SIGE Records).  Yes, the monkey is out of the cage with “The Ape Of God” actually being two new OLD MAN GLOOM albums with the same album title but each a different album with their own tracklisting.  In our store, they are differentiated by the albums part numbers (PFL 145 and PFL 145.5).  They are to be treated as two separate albums in a way where one doesn’t have to be listened to before the other.


OLD MAN GLOOM – The Ape Of God

Packaging for the CD version of the new OLD MAN GLOOM albums “The Ape Of God”.  “The Ape Of God” is the two new full-length albums by OLD MAN GLOOM.  Two new albums with the same album title.



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