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DAWNBRINGER – “Night Of The Hammer” Now Available To Order

The new DAWNBRINGER album “Night Of The Hammer” is now available to order directly from our website prior to its Oct 28th official release date (vinyl edition sometime soon via High Roller).  With “Night Of The Hammer” mastermind Chris Black continues in true heavy metal glory while at the same time creating the strangest (almost in the vein of “In Sickness And In Dreams” kind of strangeness) and darkest DAWNBRINGER album to date.  Of course heavy metal continues to be the law nonetheless.

FULL OF HELL – “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” 2xCD Packaging

Pre-orders HERE. Shipping begins Nov 13th.


FULL OF HELL – “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” Pre-Orders

The 2xCD and digital versions of the new FULL OF HELL album “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” are now up for pre-order prior to its Nov 25th official release date.  Go to the FULL OF HELL pre-order page HERE to order the devastating new album.  The “Sister Fawn” bonus disc with more MERZBOW noise is only exclusive to the CD version.  Digital pre-orders come with immediate downloads of “Gordian Knot” and “Blue Litmus” respectively.  We also have some limited FOH/MERZBOW t-shirts in our Apparel section available now.  The limited Full Of Hell noise tape comp is now sold out.

OLD MAN GLOOM – Here Is A Gift For You

FULL OF HELL “Blue Litmus”

MENACE RUINE and OCCULTATION New Releases Now Available

The CD versions of the new albums from OCCULTATION and MENACE RUINE are now available to order directly from our website.  Two albums from two distinct and unique musical entities taking their sonic palette much beyond the standard musical templates being thrown upon us via the throng of mediocrity.  The new OCCULTATION album marries the likes of obscure prog, classic ’80s goth and deathrock, and classic trad metal into a haunting opus.  While MENACE RUINE deliver an apocalyptic ritualistic scenario through the seamless conjuncture of martial ambient, harsh noise, electronica, industrial, kraut rock, neo-folk, and goth/darkwave respectively.


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