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MONARCH – Complete Work On New Album

Extreme French doom metal band MONARCH have completed work on their new album “Sabbracadaver”, a sonic doom ritual presenting itself as MONARCH’s most colossal offering yet amongst a pretty extensive repertoire that spans a twelve year existence as one of Europe’s most recognized extreme doom entities.

Comprised of three tracks spanning 46 minutes, “Sabbracadaver” holds true to those familiar with MONARCH’s crawling, dark, yet enchanting and haunting style of time-stretching doom. Down-tuned, procession and funeral like, “Sabbracadaver” is an overbearing album in which once you get taken within its timeless vortex, there is no escaping the enveloping shadow that will…

FULL OF HELL – New Album In The Works (a collab with Merzbow), Announce European Tour

The latest band to join our ever-morphing contingent is Maryland/Pennsylvania experimental noise/hardcore/grind band FULL OF HELL.  Already prolific through a multitude of releases (which include two full-length albums and a number of EPs and splits respectively), FULL OF HELL are known to create some of the most violent and vicious amalgam of the aforementioned genres, blended into an intense skin peeling sonic tapestry.  The band are also known to tour relentlessly as well.  They will enter the studio this summer to record the follow-up to last year’s “Rudiments Of Mutation” which will officially be a direct…

LORD MANTIS Announce U.S. Tour With Hell Militia

LORD MANTIS will be doing a string of U.S. tour dates with France’s HELL MILITIA surrounding both bands’ appearances at this year’s Martyrdoom Fest.  The tour dates are as follows:


06/30- Worcester, MA @ Ralphs Rock Diner (w/ Mournful Congregation) 07/01 –Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus bar (Lord Mantis only *Martyrdoom Fest) 07/02 – Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar 07/03 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter 07/04 – Charlotte, NC @ World Famous Milestone Club 07/05 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl 07/06 – Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light 07/07 – Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar Of Lexington…

ALRAUNE – Complete Work On Debut Album

Nashville, Tennessee black metal band ALRAUNE have created a small buzz in their short existence through a few released demo tracks that have circulated online over the last year or so along with their recently released two-track cassette on Graceless Recordings. The people who would immerse themselves within these handful of tracks got a mere glimpse into the musically progressive dissonant occult black metal chaos that ALRAUNE unleashed, some even proclaiming ALRAUNE to be the next most promising prospect with the American black metal underground as evidenced HERE and HERE.

With their debut album “The Process Of Self-Immolation”,…

DEAD CONGREGATION “Promulgation Of The Fall” Now Available

The CD version of the anticipated new landmark album of pure death metal artistry from Greece’s DEAD CONGREGATION is now available to order within the Americas.  Six years following their “Graves Of The Archangels” milestone, “Promulgation Of The Fall” is a destroyer of worlds death metal pillar unparalleled.  The soundtrack to total death, DEAD CONGREGATION deliver their most devastating and crushing work yet with “Promulgation Of The Fall”.  An album that will be recognized as one of the death metal masterpieces of our cursed age.

THE ATLAS MOTH/SUBROSA U.S. Summer Tour With BORIS Announced, SUBROSA European Live Dates Announced

THE ATLAS MOTH and SUBROSA will be both be touring the U.S. together with Japan’s Boris this summer on what will surely be a sonically punishing run. Below are the dates in which Boris will be touring with The Atlas Moth and SubRosa respectively on their summer jaunt. Also The Atlas Moth and SubRosa will be playing extra dates separately on their own en route to and from their run with Boris. Those dates will be announced once all is confirmed.

Boris + The Atlas Moth + SubRosa Tour Dates

07/31 – Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West 08/01 – Carrboro,…

WOLVHAMMER – Complete Work On New Album

Chicago/Minneapolis pillage metal band WOLVHAMMER have completed work on their third full-length LP “Clawing Into Black Sun”.

What is easily the band’s best and most sonically punishing album to date, “Clawing Into Black Sun” also sees the band create their most musically accomplished album yet. Where their last LP “The Obsidian Plains” from 2011 saw the band bring a new level of musicality to their repertoire, “Clawing Into Black Sun” sees a maturity in the band’s level of composition as they take it that much further with their new album. Of course the pummeling raw no-frills fist-in-the-face attack of WOLVHAMMER…

AUROCH – Complete Work On “Taman Shud”

Canadian chaotic death metal entity AUROCH have completed work on their sophomore album “Taman Shud”. Alongside their co-conspirators MITOCHONDRION (in which vocalist/guitarist Shawn Haché serves as AUROCH’s bassist while in turn AUROCH vocalist/guitarist Sebastian Montesi helms the pulse of death for MITOCHONDRION respectively), AUROCH create devastating technical yet furious dark sophisticated death metal that summons the classic Canadian death metal spirit (not exceeding the year 1996 of course). In what made Canadian death metal such a unique force in said heyday, and what has been carried on through bands such as MITOCHONDRION, Antediluvian, and Weapon respectively, AUROCH will make their…

AGALLOCH – “The Serpent & The Sphere” Now Available

The release that celebrates our ten year anniversary, namely the new epochal album from AGALLOCH, “The Serpent & The Sphere”, is now available to order (CD version) within North American territory (EU customers we please encourage you to order it via Eisenwald). Another milestone chapter in the illustrious AGALLOCH repertoire, “The Serpent & The Sphere” is a progressive dark metal masterpiece that defines itself as the most meticulously crafted, atmospheric, and expansive AGALLOCH album to date.

THE ATLAS MOTH – “The Old Believer” Pre-Orders Available

The glorious new album from THE ATLAS MOTH, “The Old Believer” is now available for pre-order (CD/digital).  Official release date is June 10 and all pre-orders placed for the CD (which will come with a water reveal insert where the album cover morphs into a new revealing image once immersed in water) will ship around/just before/and or on/following May 31.  You can pre-order the CD HERE.  For the digitally inclined you can pre-order the album via iTunes HERE and/or via Bandcamp HERE.  For those who pre-order it digitally you will receive automatic downloads of “Collider” and “Sacred Vine”.


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