Monthly Archives: March 2014

ALRAUNE – The Process Of Self-Immolation

Artwork by Karmazid.  Release date of the CD version will be June 24 with the vinyl via Gilead Media to be released shortly after.


AGALLOCH – Complete Work On New Album

Acclaimed Pacific Northwest metal band AGALLOCH have completed work on their new album “The Serpent & The Sphere,” the follow-up to 2010’s “Marrow Of The Spirit.”

“The Serpent & The Sphere” sees AGALLOCH take their progressive musical oeuvre to another level, all while maintaining the classic AGALLOCH sound.  It is an album that reveals the band’s darkest, most meticulously crafted, and atmospherically surging work of their seventeen-year career.

Captured by legendary producer/engineer Billy Anderson at Cloud City Studios in Portland, Oregon (and mixed by Anderson likewise at Everything Hz), “The Serpent & The Sphere” represents the most glorious sounding…

COFFINWORM – “IV.I.VIII” Now Available To Order

The devastating new COFFINWORM album “IV.I.VIII” (CD version) is now available to order exclusively from our website prior to its March 18th official release date.  An album in which blows away anything the band have done in the past, the blasphemous outburst that is “IV.I.VIII” portrays itself as a world destroying sonic monolith of immeasurable proportions.  Behold the dawn of imminent defeat.



LORD MANTIS – Complete Work On “Death Mask”

Chicago’s depraved and morally impaired doom noise band LORD MANTIS have finally completed work on their third full-length album “Death Mask”.

Taking it way beyond and further into depths of unfathomable darkness, brutality, perversion, and violence, “Death Mask” follows up the band’s “Pervertor” predecessor album and essentially ups the ante on pretty much everything the band have been known to spew forth.

Easily presenting itself as LORD MANTIS’ most advanced, musically accomplished and challenging album to date, “Death Mask” is a disturbing glimpse into a world of psychosis, anxiety, horror, and mental instability.  Where sonically, more of a focus…


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