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GRAVE MIASMA – “Odori Sepulcrorum” 2xLP Now Available To Order

The massive vinyl edition of the GRAVE MIASMA “Odori Sepulcrorum” masterpiece is finally released (after many of the usual delays at the plant that tend to plague us) and available to order.  Packaging is pretty massive on this as you can see from the picture displayed (and a little more clearly HERE). 2xLP (all on thick black vinyl), three-sided with a screen print design on the fourth side.  Packaged in a triple-gatefold jacket and also comes with an eight-page booklet.

GRAVE MIASMA – “Odori Sepulcrorum” Vinyl


This is now available to order HERE.

AVICHI – Complete Work On New Album

After a number of delays, through bouts of furious obsessiveness to bring the new AVICHI album to manifestation, AVICHI sole-mastermind/proprietor Andrew Markuszewski (aka Aamonael) has finally completed work on the third AIVCHI album, “Catharsis Absolute”.

In what will reveal itself as the ultimate work in the AVICHI repertoire and within Markuszewski’s own body of work, “Catharsis Absolute” pushes the sonic boundaries that Markuszewski laid down through his vision of true black metal with the debut AVICHI album “The Divine Tragedy” and its follow-up “The Devil’s Fractal”.   “Catharsis Absolute” is a glorious yet furious and moving black metal opus…

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN – Labyrinth Constellation

Album cover for the ARTIFICIAL BRAIN debut album “Labyrinth Constellation” (to be released Feb 2014) painted by Paolo “Madman” Girardi.



VAURA “The Missing” and YOB “Catharsis” Now Available To Order

The new VAURA album “The Missing” (stream the entire album for a limited time via Pitchfork HERE)  and the re-issue of YOB’s “Catharsis” are both now available to order (CD versions), process, and ship prior to their official Nov 12th release date.  The new Vaura album (check packaging HERE) is a sonically rich album consisting of a seamless mix of progressive metal and classic goth/darkwave that creates a solid identity for this band comprised of such virtuosic musicians.  And after being way-long out of print, YOB’s “Catharsis” album, considered a cult American doom metal classic,…

VAURA – The Missing

Packaging to VAURA’s “The Missing” comes in a gatefold sleeve with 10 two-sided inserts and a designed CD sleeve.



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