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GRAVE MIASMA – Complete Work On New Album, Announce European Tour With Necros Christos

UK death metal alchemists GRAVE MIASMA have completed work on their debut full-length LP which they’ve christened “Odori Sepulcrorum”.

Following up their “Exalted Emanation” debut EP and their “Realm Of Evoked Doom” compilation EP respectively, “Odori Sepulcrorum” is a audial summoning where occult progressive death metal levitation exalts itself as GRAVE MIASMA have created an album that will serve its purpose as a pillar in the realm of death metal artistry.

Harnessing that uncanny dark, cryptic, and haunting atmosphere through unrelenting death metal hypnosis and ambience, where the clarity and power of the production and instrumentation does not become forsaken,…

SUBROSA – Complete Work On New Album

Enchanting black magic doom rock/metal band SUBROSA have completed work on their new full-length album “More Constant Than The Gods”.

Following up 2011’s “No Help For The Mighty Ones”, an album which brought more recognition to the Salt Lake City contingent and became one of the most acclaimed doom metal-related albums of that year, “More Constant Than The Gods” not only sees SUBROSA delivering their heaviest and darkest album to date, but taking their playing and composition to a new level by adding more depth and substance to their music which comprises influences of doom metal, rock, chamber music, Americana…

SUBROSA – More Constant Than The Gods

Cover art done by Glyn Smyth of Scrawled Design.  Out Sept 17th.

MORNE – “Shadows” Now Available To Order

*UPDATE you can listen to “Shadows” in its entirety for a week or so before its official release date via Pitchfork HERE.

The new album from MORNE, “Shadows”, is now available to order (CD version) from our website prior to its official July 23 release date.  Defining a new sense of heaviness and musical introspection with their sound, the Massachusetts based doom/crust metal band have created another work of epic wonders.  Much darker and bleak than anything the band have previously released, MORNE strip their sound a bit while at the same time building on something atmospherically…

VHOL – Northwest Tour Announced

VHOL have announced a string of Northwest dates to coincide with the recent release of their acclaimed self-titled debut album.  The dates are as follows:

08/13 – Oakland, CA @ The Metro (w/ TBA) 08/14 – Arcata, CA @ The Alibi 08/15 – Portland, OR @ Rotture (w/Atriarch, Honduran) 08/16 – Seattle, WA @ Highline (w/Uzala, Bone Sickness, Brainscraper) 08/17 – Tacoma, WA @ Java Jive (w/Lesbian, Trepanation) 08/18 – Vancouver BC @ Astoria (w/Burning Ghats, Hoopsnake, Hopeleus)

DAWNBRINGER – Sun Sickness 2013

DAWNBRINGER are doing a handful of live dates late July.  Only a few dates but it will still be cult.


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