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MORNE – Complete Work On New Album

Boston, Massachusetts epic crust doom metal band MORNE have completed work on their new album “Shadows”.

With “Shadows”, the band’s third monolithic release, MORNE have created their darkest and bleakest album yet.  Known for creating a conjuncture where massive atmosphere aligns itself with vicious crust, colossal doom, and a touch of post rock and psychedelia, “Shadows” sees the band strip their sound back a bit more to deliver a more meticulous and introverted offering while taking their cinematic heaviness to the next level.  More dirge-like and crawling where any kind of semblance of hope becomes faint and even…

LIAR IN WAIT – Fall With Me

EVOKEN – Procession Of The Plague European Tour

One month from now, EVOKEN will begin their Procession Of The Plague European Tour.  The tour begins at France’s Hellfest and also features Ophis and Evadne on a number of dates.  As part of the itinerary, EVOKEN will also appear at Finland’s Tuska Open Air and The Czech Republic’s Obscene Extreme fest respectively.  One of the dates (the Denmark one) will even see EVOKEN being direct support to the mighty Neurosis.  Dates for the Procession Of The Plague tour go as follows:

06/21 – Clission, France @ HELLFEST 06/22 – Arnhem, Holland @ Willenmeen (w/Ophis,…

A.M.S.G. – Gnosis Granted From The Bloodline Of Fire

Taken from the “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny” album out July 23.

MAN’S GIN – Complete Work On “Rebellion Hymns”

After the many trials and tribulations that befell the manifestation of their new album, MAN’S GIN have finally completed work on their new album “Rebellion Hymns”.

Helmed by COBALT multi-instrumentalist Erik Wunder, who initially conceived MAN’S GIN ten or so years ago in Colorado prior to moving to Brooklyn NY, “Rebellion Hymns” comes across as a much more epic, sprawling, darker and heavier opus than the band’s “Smiling Dogs” debut.  Where “Smiling Dogs” presented itself as an ode to barren American landscapes and as hymns paying homage to the bottle, “Rebellion Hymns” is a more diversified and devastating output…

MAN’S GIN – Rebellion Hymns

Photography and layout by our friend Jimmy Hubbard.  Official release date June 25.

GEVURAH and LIAR IN WAIT Releases Now Available To Order

The new debut releases by GEVURAH and LIAR IN WAIT are now available to order through our website prior to their official May 28th release date.  Montreal, Canada’s GEVURAH play lacerating vitriolic religious black metal giving praise to the upcoming dark aeon while Minneapolis/Chicago’s LIAR IN WAIT indulge in the morose sounds inspired by the classic goth/darkwave movement heralded by the likes of The Cure, Fields Of The Nephilim, Sisters Of Mercy, and modern-day bands such as Cold Cave and Soror Dolorosa.  Never stop the sadness.


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