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ASH BORER – Complete Work On New Album

Arcata, California’s ASH BORER have completed work on their new full-length album “Cold Of Ages”.

A darker, harsher, and much more immense and searing work than their self-titled debut (and pretty much anything the band has previously crafted), “Cold Of Ages” is a surging and violent foray into time-stretching elongated atmospheric ambient black metal. With “Cold Of Ages” (which features guest vocals from Jessica Way of WORM OUROBOROS on two songs), ASH BORER will be recognized as one of the pinnacle and singular American black metal bands today alongside such distinct entities as Negative Plane, Leviathan, Avichi, The Howling Wind,…

AGALLOCH – “Marrow Of The Spirit” Pic Disc OBI

One side of the (two-sided) OBI-Strip that will come with the very limited edition version of the “Marrow Of The Spirit” 2xLP Picture Disc.  In the meantime listen to their new EP “Faustian Echoes” HERE.

ASH BORER – Cold Of Ages

OCCULTATION Canadian Live Debut

Profound Lore Scion A/V Showcase Download, Video Interviews etc.

On March 31st of this year, Scion A/V put on a showcase in which PALLBEARER, WOLVHAMMER, LOSS, THE ATLAS MOTH, and YOB performed and crushed respectively in Pomona, California.  In addition to the band doing video interviews, the show was recorded for a special and exclusive live compilation featuring songs from each band’s set.  The art for this compilation was designed by Animetalphysical and will be available very soon (we’ll keep you informed) in a limited CD run and will be available for free.  In the meantime, “CONTINUE READING” to download the live compilation from…


Now available to order in our “Apparel” section of the store.  Limited only to 50 units.  Printed on somewhat-dark charcoal grey, shirts seem a bit lighter in these pictures because of the natural light entering the window etc.

BOSSE-DE-NAGE – “III” Now Available

The new murderous album from the elusive Bay Area enigma BOSSE-DE-NAGE is now available to order.  Definitely one of the most intriguing albums of the year and the band’s most intense and introspective work yet.

DAWNBRINGER – “Into The Lair Of The Sun God” Lyrics

Since people have been asking and since “Into The Lair Of The Sun God” is a concept album with a story, here are the lyrics to the new DAWNBRINGER album in full:


Up on the seaside Gaze down at the waves below Standing so strong and high but my Spirits so low What now for a warrior? Cry out in the burning light I’m feeling the fire but I Can’t find my fight

So where is the glory Who sings my name Like heroes before me Proclaimed

From the horizon The sun now speaks to me: You’re just a…

EVOKEN – Complete Work On New Album, MP3 Available

Legendary cult atmospheric death/funeral doom metal band EVOKEN have completed work on their anticipated new full-length album, “Atra Mors”.

Seen as one of America’s forefathers of the death/funeral/doom metal movement and having forged in the early nineties where the New Jersey outfit, by incorporating such influences as old-school Paradise Lost, Disembowelment, Thergothon etc. would carve their own legacy in the annals of the doom metal movement as one of its pinnacle and essential bands.  With a career spanning almost 20 years and four unparalleled full-length albums, all essential and classic in their own right, that define EVOKEN’s repertoire, “Atra…

WITCH MOUNTAIN – “Cauldron Of The Wild” Now Available To Order

The new album from Oregon’s first and oldest doom metal band is now available to order from our website.  Crushing amplifier-worship, dirge-like soulful, bluesy doom metal, WITCH MOUNTAIN deliver their finest musical moment to date with “Cauldron Of The Wild”.


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