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EVOKEN – Atra Mors

July 31st.  Our 100th release.  Cover by Robert Hoyem.

THE HOWLING WIND – Complete Work On New Album

Brooklyn/Portland black metal duo THE HOWLING WIND have completed work on their most vicious and uncompromising album to date, the follow-up to “Into The Cryosphere” entitled “Of Babalon”.

Formed by Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Serpentine Path) after the demise of the cult black metal legend THRALLDOM (one of the most important U.S. black metal bands ever), who would then immediately be joined by ALDEBARAN drummer/vocalist Tim Parasitic, THE HOWLING WIND would continue THRALLDOM’s black metal genesis by carrying on Lipynsky’s virulent black metal vision and morphing it into a new beast.  With THE HOWLING WIND, Lipynsky (who we…


DAWNBRINGER – “Into The Lair Of The Sun God” Now Available

The new album from American cult heavy metal band DAWNBRINGER is now available to order.  The most epic, musical, and ambitious DAWNBRINGER album to date and an album in which portrays what we think true and real heavy metal should encompass today.  Heavy Metal is the law.

AGALLOCH – Announce Summer Tour

*UPDATED Tour Dates

AGALLOCH have announced a massive North American tour this summer that they will be embarking on. Support on all dates will come from Taurus which features Stevie Floyd of DARK CASTLE.  The band have also been confirmed to play this year’s Noctis Fest which will be taking place on Sept 28th/29th in Calgary, Alberta.

A statement from the band reads as follows:

“This tour will mark the release of our recently recorded EP “Faustian Echoes” on both LP and CD.  We have taken great care in the design of this release.  Sometime before the…

DISMA “Purulent Quest” T-Shirt

Just printed some very limited edition DISMA t-shirts from this new design put together by Daryl Kahan.  Front and back print.  Available to order HERE.

Back print

YAKUZA Recording New Album

ALDEBARAN – “Embracing The Lightless Depths” Now Available

The new crowning monument of funeral/death doom majesty from ALDEBARAN is now available to order from our website exclusively prior to its official March 15th release date.  Presented in a nicely constructed 6-panel digipack laid out and designed meticulously by Alexander L. Brown, “Embracing The Lightless Depths” is the Portland, Oregon doom metal cult’s most colossal and monumental album of their doom-laden career.  Also, we have printed a limited run of ALDEBARAN t-shirts to coincide with the release.  The design is also likewise created by Alexander Brown and can be ordered via our Apparel section.

ALDEBARAN T-Shirts In Stock

Pressed a limited amount of ALDEBARAN t-shirts to commemorate their upcoming death/funeral doom metal epoch “Embracing The Lightless Depths”.  From a design created by our friend Alexander Brown.  And speaking of which, you can stream a new ALDEBARAN song from the upcoming new album, in its full 25-minutes of monstrous glacial glory HERE.

You can order them HERE


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