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ANTEDILUVIAN – Complete Work On New Album

Canadian death metal abomination ANTEDILUVIAN have completed work on their debut full-length album entitled “Through The Cervix Of Hawwah”.

Generating a heavy buzz within the death metal underground scene, most notably with their “Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism” and “Under The Wing Of Asael” demos and their recent “Revelations In Excrement” EP, ANTEDILUVIAN (i.e. the belonging to the time before the Biblical flood, the deluge) have finally delivered the full-length which fully displays the threat the band posed with their inception in the mid-section of the last decade.

One of the most blasphemous death metal albums to breach this year, “Through The…


We are proud to announce that we will be releasing the glorious debut album from U.S. doom metal gods PALLBEARER.  Entitled “Sorrow and Extinction”, and to be released Feb 2012, finishing touches are currently being laid upon the album, one in which will instantly be deemed a classic within the echelons of American doom metal and an album which will be seen as one of doom metal’s most prominent moments of 2012.  In the meantime go to the band’s Bandcamp page HERE to stream/download (for free) their immense 2010 demo.

Bandcamp Page Now Active

We finally got a Bandcamp page up and running with an initial batch of releases, where you’ll be able to listen to a selection of our repertoire (please note, not all releases that we’ve done will be included on our Bandcamp page) in full and if you choose, to purchase them in said digital format since apparently, from what we’ve been told, digital is the in-thing these days.

Nevertheless, on our Bandcamp page you’ll be able to listen to some of our out-of-print titles that played an integral part of the label’s growth and especially get a chance to listen…

LEVIATHAN – “True Traitor, True Whore” Complete

Notorious U.S. black metal enigma LEVIATHAN have completed work on the most controversial and already the most talked-about album of mastermind Wrest’s extensive repertoire, of course the infamously titled new album “True Traitor, True Whore”.

Different and more unique than anything LEVIATHAN have ever carved out (especially considering this is the first LEVIATHAN album to be fully realized in an actual studio environment, courtesy of Sanford Parker), with “True Traitor, True Whore”, multi-instrumentalist Wrest delivers what is probably one of the most introverted, claustrophobic, disturbing, maniacal, progged-out, and eerily beautiful LEVIATHAN albums yet.  While upholding the traditional black metal…

THE ATLAS MOTH – “An Ache For The Distance” Out Now

We have the glorious new album from THE ATLAS MOTH now available to order through our website.  Go to our STORE section to pick up what is easily the band’s most accomplished work to date and one of the most beautifully crushing and searing albums of the year.


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