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THE ATLAS MOTH / KEN mode Tour Dates

The brink of their latest masterpiece, “An Ache For The Distance” (release date Sept 20), THE ATLAS MOTH will immediately be hitting the road with KEN mode for a solid string of dates, culminating in THE ATLAS MOTH’s co-record release show in their hometown of Chicago on Oct 16th with their labelmates in WOLVHAMMER who will be preparing to unleash their new album “The Obsidian Plains” on Oct 25. Read further for the tour dates, few more to even be confirmed which we will ultimately update.

September 09/24, Madison, WI @ The Wisco 09/25, Indianapolis, IN @ Vollrath Inn

Agalloch “Marrow Of The Spirit” Vinyl

Blue marble edition now sold out.  Regular clear/transparent vinyl edition available.

Just a taste of what it looks like.  Awesome reverse board gatefold jacket with raised gloss and black backboard, 12 page booklet with silver metallic finish, thick vinyl, protective polybag etc.  Please note, in case you were wondering, the vinyl labels are not white (they too also have a silver finish with a cool design on each vinyl label), just that it’s a bright picture.


DISPIRIT are planning to go on a short Northwest tour jaunt this Sept.  Dates below (alongside Atriarch and Adhedonist)



Finally re-pressed and re-mastered (by Colin Marson) and released by Dark Descent Records, the long out of print debut from Canada’s deadliest death metal band, and one of the most unique and most recognized death metal bands in the underground today, is available once again.  What preceded “Parasignosis” was a 70+ glimpse into the future of death metal, taking the genre into the vortex-like chaos and unleashing itself amongst this feeble mortal coil.


HIGH SPIRITS – Another Night

HIGH SPIRITS – Another Night

FUCK YES, the new album (following the demo collection) from High Spirits the hard rock/NWOBHM influenced band heralded by DAWNBRINGER’s Chris Black is a collection of unrepentantly catchy, infectious and anthemic songs that form a collective that will be one of the year’s best albums.  Just the kind of inspiring music you want to blast out of your car as loud as possible when crusin’ down that downtown strip, that boulevard,or bursting speed at full power down that open road.  Fuckin’ right baby.


WOLVHAMMER – Complete New Album

American blackened crust/sludge scumbag metal band WOLVHAMMER, have completed work on their follow-up to last year’s “Black Marketeers Of WWIII” debut, entitled “The Obsidian Plains”.

With already a decent pedigree within the U.S. underground black metal scene that involves such likeminded heathens as Nachtmystium, Cobalt, Ludicra (RIP), Withered etc. WOLVHAMMER are set to elevate their pillaging to a whole new level with “The Obsidian Plains”.

Known for combining such genres as black metal (of the Darkthrone, Craft, old Celtic Frost/Hellhammer vibe), punk, crust, doom and epic blackened-like sludge, with “The Obsidian Plains” (which was produced and recorded by Sanford Parker)…

AGALLOCH – “Marrow Of The Spirit” 2xLP Clear Vinyl Now Available

The clear vinyl for the awaited AGALLOCH “Marrow Of The Spirit” 2xLP is now available through its main outlet where you can purchase it, namely our main distributor (who also serve as a reputable and trustworthy mailorder company).

Go HERE to order the gorgeously packaged and presented vinyl treatment of AGALLOCH’s latest masterpiece.  Again, this is the main source to order the regular version of this, along with this version making its rounds via the numerous retailers our distributor deals with.

With no expense spared for its presentation, the “Marrow…” double vinyl (180 gram vinyl housed in black inner…

DISMA – Towards The Megalith T-Shirts

DISMA – “Towards The Megalith” T-Shirt

To coincide with their colossal death metal offering of doom, we printed a limited run of DISMA t-shirts.  Featuring full 6-colour print with the amazing cover art of “Towards The Megalith”, printed in fine detail without any of said details lost, and with backprint likewise.


AGALLOCH – “Marrow Of The Spirit” Vinyl Update

The moment I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for but the AGALLOCH “Marrow Of The Spirit” 2xLP should be finished production within the next few days and will be on sale as soon as all respective parties receive their copies.

The breakdown on how this is all going to go down goes as follows:

The double LP will be packaged in a double gatefold jacket with raised gloss and will come with an 11 x 11 twelve page booklet.  It will also feature slightly different art and photography than the CD version.

The majority of the…

YOB – “Atma” Now Available

The new colossal album from America’s doom metal gods YOB is now available to order from our STORE.  To hear “Atma” in its entirety (and legitimately) go to NPR and stream the album HERE.


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