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YOB / DARK CASTLE European Tour

Just an update on the upcoming fall YOB/DARK CASTLE European tour (with Kongh as the support act).

Following their North American pillage of doom, YOB and DARK CASTLE will head to Europe for a month likewise for what will look like another epic tour jaunt.  Opening the tour in Tilburg’s excellent Incubate Festival on Sept 16th, here are the tour dates that are currently confirmed for this.  There are more dates to confirm of course and when they are, then we’ll be making a full-blown announcement on this, but for now, we just wanted to spread the word…


Image from the photo session for the cover shoot for the new ATLAS MOTH album “An Ache For The Distance” (to be released Sept 20).

YOB – Complete Work On New Album

American doom metal gods YOB have completed work on their new album of colossal doom metal art, “Atma”.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors and continuing to strengthen the YOB legacy, one in which was given new life with their comeback album “The Great Cessation” in 2009, “Atma” is the defining YOB album that is the result of having conquered that mountain, overcoming adversary, and being victorious during the many years of doom metal dominance and culmination.

By combining the sheer monolithic solar bursting heaviness YOB have always been known to deliver, along with summoning a dynamic beauty and…

MORNE – “Asylum” Now Available

The unbelievably crushing and moving new opus from Boston, Massachusetts apocalyptic crust/sludge/progressive doom band MORNE is now available to order.


CAINA – “Hands That Pluck” Album Announcement

Seminal UK raw black/post metal act CAINA have completed work on their most ambitious, epic, visceral, surreal, and dreamy album to date, “Hands That Pluck”.

In what Stereogum has deemed the best CAINA album to date in their “Hands That Pluck” preview HERE, “Hands That Pluck” is a sprawling, vast, sky bleeding opus that literally culminates all of the influences that CAINA sole proprietor Andrew Curtis-Brignell has build up within his vast musical repertoire.  By not only presenting some of the most aggressive and stripped down CAINA material to date, “Hands That Pluck” also presents some of the…

New Items In Stock (COFFINWORM T-shirt, new Deceased album)

Got a few new killer items in stock, a limited amount of the new killer COFFINWORM Bones t-shirt (we just got a small amount in of these) and the vicious and assaulting new album from one of our favourite underground metal bands of all time, Deceased.

COFFINWORM – Bones T-shirt

On Fruit Of The Loom heavyweight cotton, this new COFFINWORM t-shirt is exclusively designed by Brian Van Der Pol who has done work for bands like Coffins, World Burns To Death, Midnight etc.


DECEASED – Surreal Overdose

The long-awaited album from these underground metal legends, and one of…


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