Unholy Canadian black metal disciples GEVURAH have completed work on their debut EP of pure deathworship which has been christened “Necheshirion”.

“‘Necheshirion’ is Hebrew for ‘snake-like’,” state the duo that comprise GEVURAH.  “It presents the process of the spiritual rebirth; the death of the flesh-ego, by blood, and the rebirth of the enlightened Self rising from its ashes by fire.  It also hints at the next natural final step: death – the complete liberation of the Self.  As for Gevurah, it is a spiritual entity.  As individuals, we are Naught.  As such, all you need to know regarding the entirety of the essence of our work can be found within the artistic trinity of music, lyrics and visuals presented.”

“Necheshirion” will mark the further initial steps of GEVURAH’s jaunt into consecrating hallowed ground, genuflecting with their penetrating and spiritually volatile, yet enlightening, offering of vitriolic black metal meant to give praise to the Dark Lord.

To be officially released May 28th, tracklisting for “Necheshirion” goes as follows:

1. The Essence Unbound
2. Flesh Bounds Desecrated
3. The Throne Of Lucifer
4. Divine Ignition
5. Entering Timeless Halls (Malign)

Seek the momument HERE.

Praise the Lord.


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