YAKUZA – Beyul

"They look towards the dark sky, from the garden of the fallen..."

Continuing on the path laid down by the storming “Of Seismic Consequence”, a milestone for the Chicago avant-garde progressive metal cult, its follow-up “Beyul” continues in the unique artistic expressionistic way that YAKUZA have always been known to deliver; a volatile and progressive miasma of controlled chaos where the fusion of progressive metal, jazz, and experimental pillage metal collide.

With “Beyul” YAKUZA have followed-up “Of Seismic Consequence” with another storming and moving triumph that will even bring more recognition and respect to YAKZUA, the recognition they should have been getting since the beginning of their career. Led once again by renaissance musician and band vocalist/saxophone player Bruce Lamont, “Beyul” continues to see YAKUZA’s revolutionary style that they’ve always known to carry come to the fore. While at the same time the band taking it to the next level with a stronger sense of straightforward more-accessible songwriting and melody that finds its way within the storming chaos, which has only heightened the YAKUZA listening experience that much more.

Tracklisting for “Beyul” goes as follows:

1. Oil And Water
2. The Last Day
3. Man Is Machine
4. Fire Temple And Beyond
5. Mouth Of The Lion
6. Species
7. Lotus Array

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