“Buried forever in history, vanished into the soil, blasphemy and eternity…”

The most scathing HOWLING WIND album to date, and the most scathing, vicious and primal album that guitarist/vocalist Ryan Lipynsky (he of Unearthly Trance, Thralldom, The Serpentine Path and one of the most underrated and prominent musicians in the underground today) has been involved with, “Of Babalon” sees THE HOWLING WIND (also comprised of ALDEBARAN drummer/vocalist Tim “Parasitic” Call as the band’s other half) unleash their most searing work yet. An album in which Lipynsky has even dubbed one of his musical triumphs, “Of Babalon” is a genuine black metal vision that hails from the American wastelands, a vision which paints an ominous picture of the fall and destruction of mankind. A continuation of the themes and visions explored with their previous albums, “Pestilence & Peril” and “Into The Cryosphere” respectively, “Of Babalon” is a further exploration and examination of the religious, occult, and metaphysical. Where “Into The Cryosphere” was that mirror where the downfall of mankind was reflected through a kingdom of ice, “Of Babalon” is that unholy reflection through a kingdom of blood and fire.

Tracklisting for “Of Babalon” goes as follows:

1 The Seal Upon The Tomb
2 Beast Of The Sea
3 Graal
4 Scaling The Walls
5 The Mountain View
6 Abominations and Filth
7 Choronzon
8 Gateways

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