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The crushing follow-up to “Fulfill The Curse” is now out, Finland’s HOODED MENACE delivering a monstrous album which features the heaviest and doomiest material mastermind Lasse Pyykko has ever delivered.

With “Never Cross The Dead”, Lasse has created an album which takes all the traits of what made “Fulfill The Curse” a monumental debut, and has basically upped the ante on pretty much everything that has characterized the very essence of Hooded Menace. Basically “Never Cross The Dead” takes the Hooded Menace signature molding, one in which mixes old school death metal (basically death metal which doesn’t exceed the year 1992) with plodding AUTOPSY-esque sludge darkness, dirge-like amplification worship, slow crawling doom (ala WINTER and the first CATHEDRAL album), and takes said guttural conjuring to a level so sinister and evil, while also tampering new ground with a bit more Sabbath-esque groove and even some more dual guitar harmonics thrown in to help strengthen and further develop the Hooded Menace sound. Said elements all come together to create a monumental horror filled sonic feast that will plunge you into a realm where only old-school death/doom metal mastery reigns supreme.

With its amazing jaw dropping cover art, drawn by Putrid and coloured by Geyer, “Never Cross The Dead” will not only be one of the heaviest albums to be released in 2010, but will also go down as one of the best death and doom metal albums to be released this year likewise.

Tracklisting for “Never Cross The Dead” Goes As Follows:

1. Never Cross The Dead
2. Terror Castle
3. Night Of The Deathcult
4. The House Of Hammer
5. Rituals Of Mortal Cremation
6. As The Creatures Ascend
7. From Their Confined Slumber
8. Theme From Return Of The Evil Dead


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