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The two new full-length albums from America’s most luminary metal band, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE  have created two new timeless masterpieces (packaged together at the spine) of traditional, vintage, heavy metal artistry.  Two works of genuine heart and soul, defying categorization and defining greatness.  This is music for the ages.

Probably the most ambitious Hammers undertaking yet; two new full length albums released together at the spine with each album being distinct from one another (musically and aesthetically), “Fields” and “Church Of Broken Glass” present a new chapter in the evolving musical journey of America’s most exquisite and unique metal band today.

With a new and augmented line-up intact, and with a proggier, warmer, tighter, and more-vintage sound at their disposal, Hammers Of Misfortune deliver heavy metal artistry like no other band in the metal scene today. Definitely a different expression than past works, with two new voices in the fold and with an expansion and progression in their sound like never before, “Fields” and “Church Of Broken Glass” are moving journeys through a poetic musical landscape that is expansive, almost-theater/Broadway musical-like with different characters telling the many tales of struggle, uprising, and victory from many points of view.

An more in-depth look at the two new albums can be read via an epic interview John Cobbett did with Pitchfork Media. Go HERE to read the interview to get a deeper and more explicit insight on these two new masterstrokes.

Tracklisting for “Fields”

1. Agriculture
2. Fields
3. Motorcade
4. Rats Assembly
5. Always Looking Down
6. Too Soon

Tracklisting for “Church Of Broken Glass”

1. Almost (Left Without You)
2. Butchertown
3. The Gulls
4. Church Of Broken Glass
5. Train

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