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Based out of Canada (Kitchener/Waterloo region), Profound Lore Records was created to display an artist’s musical vision in the most unique and distinct of manners. No matter the vision, and no matter the style, this is not relevant to us. The artists that converge to encompass the Profound Lore Records roster are artists that harbor a strong integrity within their music. Whether it be presenting an artist’s vision through the traditional CD release, or releasing an artist’s material through a special limited edition vinyl statement, Profound Lore Records is here to serve and adhere to the artist’s vision; to help the artist manifest their vision to the highest plateau possible, no matter how extreme or subtle their aura is.  This is a realm where middle ground doesn’t exist. Fuck middle ground.

Dwelling within the more underground confines of the more eclectic and extreme recesses of the music scene, Profound Lore Records has dabbled within various genres such as death metal, doom metal, black metal, avant-garde, ambient, chamber, noise, progressive, acoustic, and post rock, Profound Lore Records’ aim is to embody a cohesive collective amongst the artists; one that makes them compatible with one another under this grand banner to create a strong aesthetic. In this manner, Profound Lore Records is always lurking around to work and collaborate with artists of a unique nature and stature, to help strengthen the vision of the label, in reflection to what the artist portrays and reflects with likewise.

Updated: Note to bands sending demos or submissions (preferably via Bandcamp or some kind of stream, if you send us a download link most likely we won’t download it): by all means, we listen to everything we get (even if its for 20 seconds). But please don’t expect us to get back to you or expect to get back to you if you ask us “what did you think?”.  If we do reply to your message or inquiry, for the record, this still doesn’t mean we’re going to work with you but just a sign to show we appreciate your work.

UPDATE: Our schedule is already booked pretty much well into 2015 (at the time this is being written/updated).

Another note to bands, if you decide to write us and the first words in your message say “We’re a melodic death/black metal band…”, or “We’re a symphonic black metal band…”, or “We’re a progressive tech death metal band…”, this is where we stop reading and don’t even bother to go further.

If you are a label/distro wanting to trade, please be aware that we only take specific (at times unique) items for our distro, items that can reflect in some way the aesthetic of our label, meaning that we have to of course like the item we are bringing in and have to project it as an item that our customers would find intriguing.  So if you contact us inquiring about a possible trade, we will consider and go over options (if there are any to go over).  If we don’t get back to you, please don’t take offense.  With postage rates going up constantly and considering Canada is the most expensive shipping country in the world pretty much (something we keep in mind especially when trading overseas), we have to be discriminative on who we trade with and the items we bring in.


When comes the vinyl?

I don’t know.

1. What is the best way to place an order with Profound Lore?

Via paypal through our cart system we have implemented.  It may not be the most sophisticated of online shopping systems, but it is very straightforward and easy to use, with a simple click of the button to add whatever item you want for the territory you belong in (USA, Canada, World).  You can of course continuously shop for as many items as you want through this simple yet effective and easy system.  This is very easy to use and comprehend, no need to sign up for an account or to manually figure out by going through a list how much your order will cost for where you live (all prices include shipping for their respective destinations), it’s quite straightforward.  As long as you have a paypal account of course.  If not, go here www.paypal.com and sign up.  It’s easy and convenient…

2. Can I pay other than Paypal?

Yes, we also accept well-hidden cash (at your own risk in which we are not responsible if lost) and money order (payable to Profound Lore Records).  If you want to order items via this method, send us an email ( info@profoundlorerecords.com, or profoundlorerecords@hotmail.com) to let us know what you want and we’ll gladly put the items aside until your order arrives in the mail.  Please note that if you plan on sending an order via this method, you must write your address very clearly and list the items you ordered that we are holding for you.  It just makes this easier to coordinate instead of looking through emails trying to find what you ordered etc.

3. Can I get confirmation for my order once placed?

UPDATE: We will now be sending personal order confirmations with every order placed.  This method employed is just to ensure customers will be aware that we have received their order and that it will be shipped promptly.  Please note, this order confirmation we send out is in no way an automatic response of any sorts.  The order confirmation will be a personally sent message, sent manually after we have physically received and reviewed your order.  So if you get this confirmation message, you can assure we got and reviewed your order, and will pack the order promptly to be sent out.  We constantly monitor our orders and usually as we’ll reply back with our personal confirmation back to you asap (we don’t really have lives anyway).

UPDATE (REPRISE): Along with the personal confirmation that we send out once we’ve gotten and received your order, you will also be getting a personal Shipping Confirmation email as well, sent to you after your package has been shipped. If you get this confirmation then your package has been shipped.

4. When are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped and go out immediately when placed, usually within and/or in less than a 24 hour period.  For the most part, we head to the post office every morning (Monday to Saturday, yes even on the weekend) to send orders and packages hence all orders go out first thing in the morning.   Orders of course do not get shipped on Sunday’s and holidays, or when we’re away and/or when Profound Lore is closed (in which you will get notified, via the Profound Lore website during such a time if we shut down for a certain period of time).

5. Is there a way to track my order?

Canada Post doesn’t provide this unless you place a substantial enough order where an automatic tracking number is assigned to the package (for US customers this is if your order exceeds 1kg, and for Canadian orders that exceed 5 or more CDs).  Nonetheless, orders get sent out immediately and periodically so once it’s out of our hands, it’s all up to the flow of the postal system to get it your order in a timely manner.  Of course some regions, depending on where, take a bit longer for a customer to receive their order.  But no, Canada Post in general does not offer confirmation numbers to track packages within said confines.

6. How is my order sent?

Orders are all sent first class air mail for the States and Europe and regular mail in Canada (which still gets to the customer in a very timely and fast manner anyway).  If orders heading to the States exceed the 1kg mark, they get sent expedited and same with Canadian orders if they exceed 5 cds (in jewel cases and/or thick digipacks) or more.

7. Can I reserve items?

Sure, but we only hold items if you plan on paying through snail mail and that you’ve confirmed you sent your order to our PO box address, we will have the CDs set aside until your order arrives.  If you want us to hold items and tell us you will pay us via paypal or whatever when you get some money, or when your next paycheck arrives, we will hold the items for no more than a week.

8. Are all products include shipping in their prices?  Why are your vinyl costs (especially for overseas) expensive?

Yes, all prices in our store include shipping (since it was the easiest way to reasonably price our items and make the online store work).  And please realize that Canada is one of the top countries known for some of the highest shipping prices today.  Actually we’re convinced Canada is the most expensive country in the world for shipping costs, but with items such as CDs and t-shirts there are shortcuts we take so we can keep our prices reasonable.

Just to get an idea of how much it costs to ship stuff out of Canada (we’re using vinyl as a prime example here because there are no ways around it)::

*A single LP usually costs around $9.50 to mail to the US (depending on the severity of the packaging), between $9.00 – $15.00 in Canada (depending on where one is located in Canada), and around $17.00 overseas/Rest Of World (depending on the severity of the packaging).

*A double LP usually costs around $15.60 to mail to the US, between $9.00 – $15.00 in Canada (depending on where one is located in Canada), and around $36.00 – $40.00 (!!!!) overseas/Rest Of World.

- The above vinyl shipping examples relate to the following weight: Anything up to 500 grams as a small packet relates with the single LP price examples.

- The double LP shipping costs refer to the weight being 501 grams to a kilo.

- But sometimes single LPs tend to come in thick gatefold jackets which add weight and will usually exceed the 500 gram mark once packaged securely.  This means to send one of these fucking things, it will actually cost $36.00 to send overseas even though it’s only a single LP!  Just because the weight exceeds 500 grams.

- Basically the more vinyl you add to a package the more it becomes to ship.

- So if anyone complains about our vinyl costs, please consider our situation in dealing with Canada Post’s high shipping prices (more info here: www.canadapost.ca).

9. How long will it take to get my order?

This usually depends, since orders are shipped out immediately, it’s out of our hands and in the hands of the postal system.  For the most part, orders have arrived to our customers (whether in Canada, the States, or Rest Of World) in a very timely quick manner (in which we have been praised because).  Of course since we’re in Canada, it takes an order to arrive to Montreal say a bit quicker than for it to arrive to Vancouver, just like it takes an order to arrive to New York a bit quicker than it takes for an order to arrive in San Francisco, just like it takes an order to arrive in the UK faster than it will arrive in Australia etc.

10. If Profound Lore is closed, can I still place an order?

Sure, just that your order will get processed and packed when we re-open.  When I am gone, whether it be for a few days or a week or however long, I will try my best to keep tabs on orders and emails.  Usually I’ll mention this in any kind of announcement (if I will have access and/or monitoring email) if Profound Lore will be closed for however long.  If say I’m gone for a long while (exceeding a week), I’ll probably shut down the Order Now section.  If I’m gone for a fair period of time, usually the distro section will shut down nonetheless, just because it’s hard to keep tabs on the distro items when I’m away, since we only carry a small amount of each title.

11. Do you have a return policy?

We will accept returns only if your cd is defective and we will replace it with the same CD.  Since we are trustworthy, and we have faith in our customers that are trustworthy, we usually don’t ask for the customer to return the defective disc.   But we will not accept any returns because you didn’t like the album or whatever.  Or if you found the album offensive… or morally impaired whatever…

12. Profound Lore messed my order up?  How can you fix it?

Simple, usually if you ordered a bunch of cds and we’ve accidentally forgotten one, send us an email and we’ll gladly send the cd/item we forgot to send you.   Or if we completely forgot to send your order, and you’ve been waiting for it to arrive longer-than-usual, simply drop us an email to remind us and the situation will get rectified with ease.  No worries there.

13. I only got some of my items and/or only half my order!  What gives?

Please note for some orders, sometimes we will send orders out in multiple packages.  You can tell if your order has and/or will come in multiple packages if you see something like 1 of 2/2 of 2/1 of 3 etc. written pretty big on the package (so it should be noticeable).  Why do we do this?  Because since we live in the country with the most expensive and criminal shipping costs in the world, we have to take as many shortcuts as possible (and we fully admit this).  Sending parcels in multiple packages can sometimes save us up to $1.50, $2, $5, sometimes up to $10, and even up to $15 etc.  And as in some cases, one package will arrive before the other.

What Would Make Our Lives A Bit (actually a lot) Easier… (*UPDATED)
When ordering particularly via Paypal, please for the love of whatever god, make sure your mailing address in your paypal account is correct.  Stuff here gets packaged and sent out asap, so once it’s out of our hands and into the hands of the post, there’s no point really to contact us a day, or a couple of days later saying you have given us the wrong address.

*Also if your package/order hasn’t arrived within two weeks or so, or if you think it’s taking a bit longer than usual for your order to arrived, simply send us an email (info@profoundlorerecords.com) giving us the heads up that your order hasn’t arrived.  DO NOT start any of these stupid paypal dispute claims or whatever a month after you thought you should have gotten your order.

*We are also not responsible for packages damaged in transit.

*If you have a complaint about something in general, please send us an email (info@profoundlorerecords.com) directly about it instead of bringing it up in some sort of social network area like Twitter or Facebook.  If you do then most likely we won’t reply or get back to you since dealing with whatever such issues shouldn’t even be done in a public forum.